Terms & Conditions for Owning and Operating White Label Gaming Website

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Operate Your Own White Label Gaming Website with Simple Guidelines

1. The purchase of an online casino package from Online Casino Builders includes building, uploading, and maintaining the client's website. This maintenance includes, but is not limited to: game updates, bonus and promotion updates, revision of terms, etc..

2. Online Casino Builders will build the client's website based on the client's preferences with regards to theme, layout, color scheme, etc..

3. Online Casino Builders will create a unique, one-of-a kind website based on the client's specifications. The custom-built design will not be resold to any other client.

4. The client will supply Online Casino Builders with all information necessary to build their website - including casino name, URL (domain name), and design input if applicable.

5. Online Casino Builders will supply the client with an exclusive marketing guide and marketing tools and materials to assist in the marketing and promotion of the client's website. The client is not allowed to redistribute the marketing guide.

6. The client receives full ownership of their website graphics, artwork, logos, etc..

7. The client understands that Online Casino Builders is an independent website design and development company and does not handle any gaming or financial transactions whatsoever.

8. The client must follow all the terms and conditions of the gaming providers supplying the backend gaming platforms.

9. The timeframe for the client's website to become fully-operational is four (4) to six (6) weeks depending upon our workload and/or website revision requests.

10. Payment must be received upfront before the clients's website project is started.