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Marketing & Advertising: Tools & Support

Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising Tools and Support

Online Casino Builders provides the most comprehensive set of marketing tools and professional support services in the online gambling industry. Our extensive experience and team of specialized professionals ensure that our clients receive the tools and support necessary to thrive in the competitive field of internet gambling.

The success of our clients' gambling operations is of the utmost importance to us. To this end, we strive to deliver superior marketing materials, as well as assistance in developing marketing plans tailored to each client's unique situation.

Exclusive Marketing & Advertising Guide

The exclusive marketing guide is only provided to our clients. Containing a wealth of valuable knowledge and industry insights, it acts as a roadmap to profits -- enabling the operator to formulate a winning marketing plan while avoiding the pitfalls that many gambling website owners fall into. Detailed, step-by-step guidance on developing and implementing successful promotion strategies allow our clients to succeed in a competitive marketing arena.

Clients selecting the Diamond, Platinum, and Gold packages receive the deluxe version of the guide. This version contains more in-depth information and details advanced marketing strategies and techniques. The basic version of the guide is included with the Siver and Bronze packages. This version is very detailed, as well, and provides the information necessary for the operator to succeed.

Online Banner Ad Graphics

Online Casino Builders creates superb, high-quality online ad banner graphics employing our own unique and innovative design processes and techniques. This results in graphically-rich banner ads that help build the operator's distinct brand. Compare our banner ad designs to those of other designers and the difference is immediately recognizable.

High-Impact Promotion Videos

High-impact promo videos presenting the features of the operator's gambling operation in an entertaining and engaging fashion help build the operator's brand and deliver quality visitors to the website. Rich graphics, animated effects, music & sound effects, text copy, and more are integrated into cohesive and professional promo videos. These videos are embedded into the operator's gambling website, as well as utilized on social media websites (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) to deliver quality website traffic.

Search Engine Marketing: SEO-Optimized Text Copy

Backed by the services of our parent company, Web Site Factories, we provide our clients with a team of highly-educated, professional copywriters well-versed in the requirements of multiple industries -- including online gambling industry specialists. Our team of dedicated writers takes great pride in the work we produce, and the high rankings our clients achieve in organic search engine results reflects that dedication. Simply put, our results speak for themselves. Moreover, each and every one of our clients receives special, customized service -- ensuring their success.

Search Engine Marketing: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Additionally, our team of search engine marketing experts will develop and manage powerful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for our clients. This service is not included with our packages but can be obtained exclusively by our clients at cost-effective prices, with various options available.

"Player Lounge" with Exclusive Content

An innovative "Player Lounge" section is integrated into the custom-designed website for clients selecting the Diamond, Platinum, and Gold packages. Valuable content and an assortment of freebies are available to players. Free games, wallpaper graphics, gambling-related e-books, newsfeeds, and much more are included.

These features provide "sticky content" that keeps visitors on the client's website and leads to them returning again and again -- eventually leading to some of them becoming real money players. Established players appreciate the extras, as well. The content is customized and unique for each client, allowing the operator to provide exclusive freebies to their website visitors and players.

Custom Game Landing Webpages

The development of custom casino game landing webpages enables the operator to promote individual games, driving extremely targeted traffic to their website. These webpages feature custom-designed graphics, as well as unique and exclusive text copy -- creating high search engine positions for targeted keywords related to specific games. These powerful marketing tools are provided to clients selecting the Diamond, Platinum, and Gold packages.

E-mail Marketing Templates with Content

E-mail marketing campaigns targeted to established online gamblers is an effective method of quickly building or expanding a base of players. Professional, HTML-based e-mail templates with high-impact graphics and potent text copy ensure excellent results from the operator's advertising efforts. Moreover, Online Casino Builders provides exclusive, inside details on how to obtain high-quality lists of online gamblers for minimal cost. This valuable information is only provided to our clients.

Print Media Display Advertisements

Our graphic art specialists create potent, visually-appealing high-resolution (300 DPI) display ads. Delivering a powerful punch from the pages of gambling-related and other relevant publications, these ads help build the operator's brand while driving visitors to the gambling website. In addition to creating the ad graphics, our company provides assistance with developing a print media advertising strategy.

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